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The ICCA, as part of the Basel Institute on Governance, has a distinguished track record in facilitating Collective Action initiatives. We can provide you and your organisation with dedicated service and advice, through access to our knowledgeable team of experts and partners from around the globe.

If your organisation is interested in finding opportunities or partners for Collective Action, or if you require assistance or advice in furthering your current Collective Action goals, then please contact us.

Database of Collective Action initiatives


  • Event: Collective Action: Evidence, Experience and Impact cc by
  • Cairo
    Blog Post: Advancing Business Integrity Through Collective Action and Incentives - Experiences from Egypt cc by
  • Binoculars
    Blog Post: 5 Key Trends in Global Anti-Bribery Enforcement cc by
  • Château Frontenac,  Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
    Blog Post: Quebec Construction Association's Integrity Program: A Tool for Re-establishing Trust through Collective Action cc by
  • Event: International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) cc by
  • Blog Post: Anti-corruption Collective Action in the maritime industry cc by
  • Blog Post: The Global Anti-Corruption Initiative of the IRU cc by
  • Collective Action: Going Further Together to Counter Corruption
    Blog Post: Antitrust risks can be managed when competitors fight graft together cc by
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
    Blog Post: Bribery and Compliance in India: Know the Challenge and Prepare for It cc by
  • Brandenburg Gate
    Publication: Korruptionsprävention - Ein Leitfaden für Unternehmen cc by
  • Sailing
    Publication: Collective Action: Innovative Strategies to Prevent Corruption cc by
  • Brazilian flag
    Initiative: Clean Games Inside and Outside of the Stadium cc by
  • Factory at night
    Initiative: Collective Action Agreement in the Electrical Power Transmission Industry in Argentina cc by


Our message to the Cameron Summit where heads of government are gathering today in London to discuss next steps in tackling corruption worldwide and where leaders from business and civil society are explaining why they believe more still needs to be done.

The spring 2016 edition of the Ethical Boardroom magazine features an article by the Basel Institute’s International Centre for Collective Action Programme Officer, William Nero, on tackling corruption by way of Collective Action.

There is no silver bullet against corruption: As the UN Convention Against Corruption notes, “a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach is required to prevent and combat corruption effectively.” But what could such approaches entail in practice? In some countries, markets and or industries, bribery is an entrenched and systemic problem that is difficult for any single group to address effectively. In other words, the combined efforts of the public and private sector, civil society and citizens are needed, and all are essential in contributing to a concerted approach, writes Gemma Aiolfi in this piece.