B20 Collective Action Hub

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About the Hub

The B20 Collective Action Hub is a platform that

  • facilitates Collective Action initiatives
  • builds knowledge
  • informs
  • facilitates policy dialogue and peer learning

In 2013, the B20 mandated the International Centre for Collective Action (ICCA) to develop and maintain this hub, in partnership with the UN Global Compact and the ICCA’s institutional partners. The hub marks a significant development in the international efforts to combat corruption. It offers tools and a forum for businesses to take concrete steps to jointly step up against corruption and strengthen good business practice. It also offers a space for businesses and governments to collaborate in this endeavour.

About the B20

The G20 has sought to incorporate policy contributions from an ever-broader cross-section of society, which are organized under five groups: Business 20, Labor 20, Civil 20, Think 20, and Youth 20.​

The Business 20 (B20) outreach group is an influential platform bringing together business leaders from G20 economies, and advocates for critical issues for enterprises. Each year, the B20’s principal task is to facilitate exchanges between business communities from different countries and to develop consensuses around critical issues for businesses. The B20 has been instrumental in providing links between global policymakers—including governments and relevant international institutions—and business communities around the world.​

The first official business summit took place in Korean G20 Presidency in 2010, and was convened during subsequent French, Mexican, Russian, and Australian G20 presidencies. Since the first business summit, the business community has presented more than 400 recommendations to G20 leaders.​

B20 Germany

“Resilience, Responsibility, Responsiveness – Towards a Future-oriented, Sustainable World Economy”. The world economy has become marked by crises. Uncertainties are growing, having a negative impact on innovation worldwide. In this environment it is more important than ever that we work towards framework conditions that foster innovation, economic growth and job creation. 

The German Federal Chancellery has mandated the leading German business associations – BDI, BDA and DIHK – to conduct the B20 presidency during the German G20 presidency (B20 Germany). While the German government will assume the G20 presidency from China on 1 December 2016, B20 Germany was launched on 4 September 2016 with the hand-over from B20 China. The three responsible associations (BDI, BDA and DIHK) maintain a B20 Executive Committee, which takes all significant decisions on B20 Germany by consensus. A B20 Secretariat headed by a full-time B20 Sherpa handles operational implementation. There will also be B20 advisory/advocacy bodies, above all a Business Advocacy Caucus composed of CEOs and business organisation leaders from the G20 states. The work of the B20 will take place in taskforces and cross-thematic groups.

Learn more at: https://www.b20germany.org/