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Collective Action: Going Further Together to Counter Corruption

26-27 June 2014 – Basel, Switzerland

Day 1

8:30 — 9:00
Registration and Coffee
9:00 — 9:10
Welcoming remarks — Mark Pieth, President, Basel Institute on Governance
9:10 — 9:30
Keynote address — John Githongo, CEO, Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi Ltd

Part 1: Building a joint vision of Collective Action

9:30 — 10:45

Collective Action around the world: Challenges and Successes

Moderators: Mark Pieth and Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel, Managing Director, Basel Institute on Governance


  • Soji Apampa, Executive Director, The Convention on Business Integrity
  • Edward Gacusana, Director, Special Products Unit, Makati Business Club
  • Debbie Ramsay, Business Development Director, Good Corporation
  • Tayfun Zaman, Secretary General, TEiD
10:45 — 11:15
Coffee Break
11:15 — 13:00

Grand Panel — Discussion of success factors, types and methodologies of Collective Action

Keynote speaker: Andreas Hoffmann, General Counsel, Siemens

Moderators: Mark Pieth and Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel


  • Leonard McCarthy, Vice-President Integrity, World Bank
  • Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General, International Road Transport Union
  • Michele De Rosa, Senior Vice President for Anti-Corruption Legal Assistance, ENI
  • Fritz Heimann, TI Founder & TI-USA Chairman Emeritus, Transparency International
  • Olajobi Makinwa, Head, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, UNGC
  • Jock Mendoza-Wilson, Director of International and Investor Relations, System Capital Management
  • Vanessa Phala, Executive Director, Business Unity South Africa
13:00 — 14:00

Part 2: Translating theory into action

14:00 — 15:00
Breakout sessions I
  • How to make Collective Action work
    • Therese Lee, Global Ethics and Compliance Counsel, Google
    • Philip Vaughn, Senior Director, Government Relations, Fluor Corporation
  • Collective Action for SMEs
    • Guillermo Jorge, Law Professor and Director of the Program on Transparency, San Andrés University
    • Viviane Schiavi, Senior Policy Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption, International Chamber of Commerce (TBC)
  • Collective Action tools
    • Gualter Crisostomo, Corporate Governance Manager, Ceiia
    • Virna di Palma, Director, Strategic Communications, TRACE International
    • Gretchen Jonker, Associate Director, Partnering Against Corruption Initiative, World Economic Forum
    • William Nero, Programme Officer, International Centre for Collective Action, Basel Institute on Governance
15:00 — 16:00
Breakout sessions II — themes as above, participants join different groups
16:00 — 16:30
Coffee Break
16:30 — 17:45
Collaboratories — These sessions aim to explore the possibilities of starting Collective Action initiatives, combining brain-storming and practical experience with new ideas, new participants and new directions:
  • Customs/facilitation payments
    • Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance and Corporate Governance/Collective Action, Basel Institute on Governance
    • Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General, International Road Transport Union
    • Angie Farrag-Thibault, Associate Director, Transport and Logistics Practice, BSR
  • Intermediaries
    • Klaus Moosmayer, Chief Compliance Officer, Siemens AG
    • Mark Pieth, Basel Institute on Governance
  • Interactions with government
    • Gretta Fenner Zinkernagel, Managing Director, Basel Institute on Governance
    • Enery Quinones, Chief Compliance Officer, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (TBC)
Cocktail and informal dinner

Day 2

8:30 — 9:00
9:00 — 9:30
Reporting back from previous day's breakout sessions and laboratories
9:30 — 11:00

Collective Action in a wider context

Moderator: Brook Horowitz, CEO, IBLF Global

  • Claudia Baez-Camargo, Head of Governance Research, Basel Institute on Governance; Topic - Collective action Top-Down versus Bottom-Up: Social Accountability
  • Martin Kreutner, Dean and Executive Secretary, International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA); Topic - Collective action through education and capacity building
  • Dominique Lamoureux, Vice President, Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, Thalès; Topic – Collective action: a performance engine for business
  • Andrew Wilson, Deputy Director, Programs and Strategic Planning (CIPE); Topic - Collective action as a form of advocacy
11:00 — 11:30
Coffee break
11:30 — 13:00

Concluding Panel — The future of Collective Action

Moderator: Mark Pieth, Basel Institute on Governance

  • Nicola Bonucci, Director for Legal Affairs, OECD
  • John Githongo, CEO, Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi Ltd
  • Robin Hodess, Group Director – Research and Knowledge, Transparency International
  • Pedro Montoya, Chief Compliance Officer, EADS Group
  • Meinhard Remberg, Executive Vice President, SMS Group
  • Clare Short, Chair of the Board, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Informal Lunch/End of Conference