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Collective Action: Evidence, Experience and Impact

October 20-21, 2016 - Basel, Switzerland

The conference included sessions on the following:

  • Law enforcement and the private sector: Are collaborative efforts possible?
  • Recent research on anti-corruption Collective Action; is there a formula for success?
  • What are the incentives to engage in anti-corruption Collective Action in challenging markets?
  • Can the corruption risks in public procurement be cured by Collective Action?

Over 150 speakers and participants from the private sector, government, development agencies and civil society from all over the globe took part in the event, which provided a unique opportunity to share learnings and experiences on what constitutes successful Collective Action, setting out the agenda for future research and the development of best practices to support the fight against corruption.

Collective Action: Going Further Together to Counter Corruption

June 26-27, 2014 - Basel, Switzerland

This event featured successful examples of Collective Action, lessons learned, practical advice and academic contributions as well as peer discussions on a variety of issues. Over 100 representatives from business, government, academia and civil society all joined for this key event.

Twitter: @FightBribery #14ICCA