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The Goal: Anticorruption Compliance Standard

Our project's goal is to create an international anticorruption compliance standard for emerging economies, analogous to the ISO Quality Standards model. It is a non-commercial web-based self-evaluation questionnaire designed to:

  1. Educate emerging economy businesses about global legal principles;
  2. Provide a cost-effective due diligence tool for multinationals wishing to do business with local companies, as proposed by the 2013 B20 Anticorruption Working Group: "We recommend that, from 2013, B20 companies and business organizations should regularly exchange best practices in devising training for SMEs in their supply chains."
  3. Improve the efficiency of the due diligence process by centralizing and standardizing a methodology for describing a company's compliance program;
  4. Offer competitive advantage to participating companies by advertising their participation in a Registry.

The system is being piloted in Russia.


The Reason: Economic Development

The project is needed to facilitate cooperation both among domestic companies and between domestic companies and Western multinationals. Most multinationals are subject to the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and/or the UK Bribery Act, which makes them liable for corrupt behavior of their third parties, and therefore can limit economic cooperation in emerging economies. In summary, corruption cripples economic development.


The Data: Confidential, Credible

The responses to the questionnaire are obviously very sensitive. For this reason, all responses are anonymous, using GUID technology that provides each user with a unique web address. This anonymity means we have no way to verify accuracy of answers, but users may "self-certify" by getting their responses verified by an independent auditor. Verified questionnaires will be noted in our Registry.


The Russian Compliance Alliance System

The Russian Compliance Alliance system is available to any organization, including business associations, that would like to franchise or "re-brand" it with their own logo in place of ours. It may be used for internal education, third party due diligence, commercial training, consultancy, or audit programs. It may not be offered for sale. Please contact to discuss this option.