Date: 28. Jun 2017 Location: Kollegienhaus (main building) of the University of Basel

Breakaway panel session: Accountability and anti-corruption measures

  • Christian Hauser (Professor of Business Economics and International Management, HTW Chur)
  • Gemma Aiolfi (Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance and Collective Action, Basel Institute on Governance)
  • Barbara Maurer (Legal Advisor International Investments and Multinational Enterprises, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO)
  • Hannes Oswald-Brügel (Regional Compliance Officer für EEMEA, Roche)

Corruption and bribery are seen as major concerns both for socio-economic development and for doing business in an African context. This panel will tackle these issues by taking into account different perspectives. It will ask what corruption means for the societies concerned, what role rules, norms and interests play, and what individuals and organizations can do in order to prevent themselves from being involved in illegal and illegitimate activities.

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Hosted by the ECAS 2017 Business and Development Forum at the University of Basel

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