Alliance for Integrity


Countries of operation: 
Germany (HQ)
Brazil, Ghana, India, Mexico
Multi-Sector - Civil society
Collective Action Type: 
Standard Setting Initiatives

Organisations from the private and public sector as well as from the civil society.


The Alliance for Integrity is a business-driven, multi-stakeholder initiative seeking to promote transparency and integrity in the economic system. To achieve this goal, it fosters collective action of all relevant actors from the private sector, the public sector and civil society.

The Alliance for Integrity is a platform that offers practical solutions to strengthen the compliance capacities of companies and their supply chains. In addition, the Alliance for Integrity contributes to the improvement of framework conditions by fostering dialogue between the public and private sectors. This is why the Alliance for Integrity is the significant global contact point for businesses countering corruption collectively.

Further information

Membership organization structure: 

The Alliance for Integrity's governance structure consists of the global Steering Committee - working closely together with the Secretariat in Berlin - and the local Advisory Groups - working together with the regional offices in our hubs in the regions.

Companies can become supporters of the initiative. All other stakeholder groups are refered to as partners of the Alliance for Integrity.

A Letter of Support is being signed by them in order to confirm their engagement in the network once they are active.



Thematic scope of the initiative: 

The Alliance for Integrity's aim is to promote integrity among companies, their business partners and other relevant actors in the economic system.

Is the collective action initiative open to other companies?: 
How can they join?: 
Companies can join the initiative by visiting the website's "Get involved" page or by sending an email to

Fighting corruption by offering trainings, information as well as peer-to-peer learning in target countries. The goal of the initiative is to improve the overall conditions for behaviour with integrity through a mutual exchange between business, politics, administration, and civil society.


Strengths, weaknesses, lessons learned: 

On a strictly voluntary basis, partners and supporters pool their experience, knowledge and funds to initiate Collective Action activities in various countries. The basic principles for Alliance for Integrity are integrity, partnership and sustainable impact. Based on the commitment of its partners and supporters, the network cooperates with all relevant stakeholders internationally and in the countries in which it is active in. It builds on and enables existing institutions and structures wherever and whenever possible. Supporting companies, institutions and organisations can provide the Alliance for Integrity with guidance and strategic support; manpower, technical and organisational support; contacts and network connections; and funds for activities on the ground.


Susanne Friedrich