Greater Karachi Water Supply Project Integrity Pact


Countries of operation: 
Pakistan (HQ)
Construction - Public works
Collective Action Type: 
Integrity Pacts

Transparency International Pakistan, Karachi Water & Sewage Board


This Integrity Pact was applied in the Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme Phase-V, Stage-II, 2nd 100 MGD in an effort to provide Transparency in its procurement, and was credited with helping the project to be completed ahead of schedule and with savings of US$10 million compared to initial estimates.

Further information


In April 2001 the Karachi Water and Sewage Board (KWSB) and Transparency International Pakistan (TI-Pakistan) held a meeting to discuss ways to increase transparency in public procurement. From this meeting came the decision to implement an Integrity Pact in the Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme (K-III Project), which had an estimated contract value of US$1 billion.


Transparency in public procurement

Strengths, weaknesses, lessons learned: 

The Integrity Pact is credited with net savings of US$10 million due to the procedures adopted for award of the contract, bringing increased competition, higher quality procurement and a more efficient allocation of resources. The leadership of the head of the KWSB was also seen as essential in the success of the Integrity Pact.