Ózd Water Supply Rehabilitation Project - Integrity Pact


Countries of operation: 
Hungary (HQ)
Construction - Public works
Collective Action Type: 
Integrity Pacts

Transparency International Hungary, National Development Agency/Prime Minister's Office, VÁTI Non-profit Ltd./Széchenyi Programiroda Ltd., Proactive Management Consulting Ltd., Municipality of Ózd, Swiss Confederation, Bidding companies


The goal of this Integrity Pact is to reduce the chances of corrupt practices during procurement for all elements in the construction and rehabilitation of the water supply network in the Ózd municipality of Hungary.

Further information


This initiative is the first Integrity Pact in Hungary involving construction activities. The project is supported by the Swiss Government, represented by the Swiss Contribution Office ("SCO"), within the framework of the Swiss-Hungarian Contribution Program, a 130.7 million CHF government financed program that aims at reducing economic and social disparities in Hungary. The project is managed under the overall supervision of the NDA. The Intermediate body for the project is VÁTI Non-profit Ltd.

The Municipality of Ózd sought cooperation with the Hungarian Chapter of Transparency International (TI) in order to achieve its goals of an economical use of resources, a fairness and transparency in  contractual relations, in relation to and during the project's entirety. Working with TI was also pursued in order to increase transparency, establish trust in the public, prevent corruption and make best use of the public funds in completion of the project. Following TI's national and international experience in these areas, and based on the recommendation and assistance of TI Hungary, SCO on behalf of the Government of the Swiss Confederation appointed an external independent Monitor to monitor the Tender processes and Implementation, including the execution of the contracts for compliance with these principles. The status, tasks, responsibilities of the Monitor and its financial issues are defined in a contract signed between SCO and the Monitor, countersigned by TI Hungary.

The Integrity Pact is applied in all public procurement processes of the project.

Thematic scope of the initiative: 

Public procurement, integrity pacts

Strengths, weaknesses, lessons learned: 

Thus far a total of six Integrity Pacts have been applied over the duration of this project, in the following areas:

- project management
- public relations, publicity
- construction supervision
- preparation, design
- project execution
- acquisition of tools



Transparency International Hungary