CoST Malawi


Countries of operation: 
Malawi (HQ) — Global
Collective Action Type: 
Standard Setting Initiatives
  • MABACATA                                          
  • MEJN
  • ODPP
  • HRCC
  • Buildings Department
  • AICC
  • NCIC
  • Statutory Coporation
  • A&DB

Further information

Membership organization structure: 

The membership is organised centraly by the International CoST Secretariat. 

Is the collective action initiative open to other companies?: 
Frequency of meetings: 
Convenor of meetings: 
National Construction Industry Council (NCIC)
Strengths, weaknesses, lessons learned: 

1. An MSG supported by an effective host organisation provides an effective platform for likeminded reformers from government, industry and civil society to speak with one voice for transparency and accountability in public infrastructure. It can then be a credible partner who uses its expertise to influence and support government in its reform efforts.

2. High level political will is critical to establishing a legal mandate that will lead to a systematic change in the amount of information disclosed to the public. It also provides the space for stakeholders especially from the private sector and civil society to engage with CoST.

3. Building the capacity of government institutions to disclose information is critical to establishing a legal mandate and scaling up transparency in public infrastructure.

4. The media is a powerful alley worth investing in – CoST Malawi has invested significant resources in building the capacity of the media and using it to highlight key issues to the public. This has been integral in keeping momentum alive, maintaining high visibility and generating social accountability.

5. Provide citizens with platforms that are applicable to the social and economic context and allows them to raise their concerns and engage with key stakeholders.

6. International development partners can play a crucial role in providing financial support and important informal and impartial advice as an MSG observer.

7. CoST Membership enables countries to share best practice, knowledge and technology, allowing MSGs to identify how they can best improve their CoST programme and deliver value for money to their financial supporters

Evaluation by stakeholders: 

CoST has been sucessfully involved in the review and passing of a new procurment law.