Enhance Integrity and Reduce Corruption in State and Private Business Sector


Countries of operation: 
Macedonia (HQ)
Collective Action Type: 
Declarations/Joint Activities

Targeted groups and benefciaries:

  1. Civil society organizations (50)

  2. State-owned enterprises (120)

  3. Private business representatives (150)

  4. Business chambers and networks

  5. Government representatives

  6. Citizens


State-owned enterprises and private companies were never systematically included in corruption prevention activities in the country. This situation resulted in poor transparency and accountability of state-owned enterprises, abuse of public resources for personal gains, use of state-owned enterprises for employment of party members , increased borrowing by state-owned enterprises, and hindering the development of private companies. 

“Integrity and anti-corruption in business sector” is an action that will strengthen civil society’s impact on decreasing corruption in the business sector by improving transparency, accountability and integrity of state-owned enterprises and increasing private sector’s participationin the fight against corruption.

Further information


This is a project supported and funded by the European Union.

Membership organization structure: 

The project is being implemented and facilitated by the Center for Civil Communications 

Project Partners: 


Thematic scope of the initiative: 

Our Objective:

Decreasing corruption in the business sector by collective action of all relevant in-country actors from the public sector, the private sector and the civil society.


  • Identifcation of corruptiongenerators at state-owned enterprises
  • Development of tool/indicators oncorruption risk assessment at state- owned enterprises
  • Recommendations for legislativechanges to increase transparency,accountability and integrity of SOEs
  • Strengthened capacity of up to150 private business representatives on preventing and combating corruption
  • Established support mechanism and compliance and anti-corruption tools for theprivate business sector
  • Established core of advocacy CSOs which use research and monitoring for decreasingcorruption in the business sector
  • Initiated public-privatedialogue for cross-sector approaches for prevention andcombating corruption




Is the collective action initiative open to other companies?: 


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