Collective Action Services

The International Centre for Collective Action is a leading centre of excellence in relation to anti-bribery Collective Action, and has a track record in launching and facilitating such initiatives.

The ICCA puts its practical and academic expertise and experience at the disposal of entities interested in engaging in anti-corruption Collective Action initiatives, by acting as a counsellor and advisor to business, government and civil society on how to set up, structure and manage Collective Action initiatives most effectively. This can include a direct involvement in the facilitation of national or sectoral Collective Action initiatives, as well as tailored advice. For this, the ICCA is able to rely on a team of experts. In addition, the Institute through its network of institutional partners can recommend partner institutions to facilitate or coach new Initiatives as appropriate.

If you would like to learn more about how to start a Collective Action Initiative with the ICCA, or receive other advisory services in the field of Collective Action, please complete the form below or contact:

Ms Gemma Aiolfi,

Head of Corporate Governance, Compliance and Collective Action
Basel Institute on Governance
Email: gemma.aiolfi [at]
Phone: +41 61 205 55 11

Alternatively, if you would like to suggest an existing Collective Action for inclusion within our repository of initiatives, please complete the appropriate form here.

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