Gemma Aiolfi appointed member of new external advisory council to leading Peruvian engineering and construction company

Graña y Montero, a Lima based group of engineering and infrastructure service companies operating in five countries in Latin America, announced last week the formation of its new external advisory council in matters of Corporate Governance, Ethics and Compliance. 

The company has appointed three outstanding professionals with expertise in legal strategy, business and international compliance to contribute to the Board's management on corporate governance and strategic business issues, and to support the tasks of the Risk and Compliance Committee.

Gemma Aiolfi, Head of Compliance, Corporate Governance, and Collective Action at the Basel Institute, alongside Dr Javier Tovar of Baker McKenzie and Barbara Bruce, Country Manager of the oil and gas company, Geopark will now join externally as a consultant body of the board in matters of corporate governance, ethics and compliance. The three experts are serving in their personal capacities and held their first meeting on 13 October 2017, in Lima.

According to Augusto Baertl, Chairman of the Graña y Montero Group, the new external advisory council will play a key role in “providing an external and independent vision on issues related to Corporate Governance, Ethics and Compliance”, thus consolidating a further step in the company’s "Committed to the Future" program.

“As part of the strengthening process that the company is going through, we seek to advance towards international standards of the mentioned areas to become an international reference. Today we will move towards this objective hand in hand with the contributions of the External Advisory Council", stated Baertl in an official announcement on the company’s website.