The High Level Reporting Mechanism: a tool to prevent corruption and beyond

The OECD and the Basel Institute on Governance would like to invite all participants of the 2018 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum and any other interested stakeholders to attend the panel session.

Moderated by OECD Legal Director Nicola Bonucci

At the OECD Headquarters (2 rue André Pascal, Paris 75016) March 29, 2018, at 10am
Conference Centre, Room CC7

The event will present an innovative tool developed by the OECD, the Basel Institute and Transparency International to fight bribery solicitation and other undue behaviour in public procurement at early stages, the High Level Reporting Mechanism (HLRM).

The HLRM provides jurisdictions with a reporting channel coupled with an alternative dispute resolution mechanism. Complaints submitted are rapidly addressed by the HLRM through technical assessments, triggering dialogue, mediation and/or recommendations before issues develop into lengthy disputes. The HLRM is not an enforcement tool; it rather functions as an initial fast-track and informal alternative to traditional judicial and administrative procedures, whilst still allowing resort to these. Support to the Mechanism by high levels of the government provides a clear signal and promotes credibility on governments’ commitments to promote public integrity in major public projects and beyond.

The panel discussion will portray the HLRM and current experiences with its implementation in Colombia (including its forecasted implementation to infrastructure projects for the construction of Metro Bogota and for the implementation of the peace agreement reached between the government and the FARCs) and Argentina (where it is applied to tenders for the construction of roads under public- private partnership); its complementarity with public integrity and competition policy efforts; and discuss the perspective of businesses and civil society on the issue.

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10am Opening remarks by Nicola Bonucci, OECD Legal Director

10.05-10:35am Keynote presentations of the HLRM experiences in Colombia and Argentina by Gabriel Cifuentes, Secretary of Transparency (Colombia) and Mora Kantor, Director of

Transparency Policy Planning, Anti-Corruption Office (Argentina)


Panel discussion, moderated by OECD Legal Director Nicola Bonucci, with:

  •   Gabriel Cifuentes, Secretary of Transparency (Colombia)

  •   Mora Kantor, Director of Transparency Policy Planning, Anti-Corruption Office (Argentina)

  •   Janos Bertok, Head of the Public Sector Integrity Division, OECD (TBC)

  •   Antonio Capobianco, Senior Competition Expert, OECD Competition Division

  •   Mark Pieth, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of

      Basel, and Board Member of the Basel Institute on Governance

  •   Corinne Lagache, Vice-Chair, Anti-Corruption Task Force at BIAC, and Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Office, Safran SA

11.30-12pm Q&A open to the audience