Latvian Construction Projects Integrity Pact

Collective Action Type: 
Integrity Pacts

Transparency International Latvia, Latvian Ministry of Culture


This integrity pact is applied in the construction of three Latvian cultural items, namely the National Library, the Riga Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art.


In 2005, TI Latvia and the Latvian Ministry of Culture agreed to apply an integrity pact to the contracts of three major construction projects of a national library, a concert hall, and a contemporary art museum. TI Latvia was appointed as an independent external monitor to guarantee transparency and provides public reports on the process.

Thematic scope of the initiative: 

Integrity Pacts


• More transparency in the procurement processes for the three projects, resulting in lower project costs;
• An enhanced dialog between the public and private sectors and NGOs on transparency matters;
• Anti-corruption policies and guidelines adopted by a number of private companies;
• Based on the experiences of these projects, improvements in the Latvian legislation and procurement practices.

Date of signature: 
May 2015
Date of review or update: 
May 2015
Countries of operation: 
Array (HQ)
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