Recommendation 6 Network

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Declarations/Joint Activities

Academics, Lawyers, Corporate officers, NGOs


At the request of the OECD Secretary-General, a High Level Advisory Group produced a report in October 2017 on how the OECD could strengthen its work combating corruption and promoting integrity. One recommendation (Recommendation 6) was that the organization “create and publish model guidelines” for member states to follow when settling cases arising from the bribery of a foreign public official that are “consistent with the requirement for effective, proportionate and dissuasive sanctions under the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.”

Early 2018, a multinational group of defense lawyers, prosecutors, academics, and civil society activists came together to suggest guidelines. Together with a set of explanatory notes the “Principles for the Implementation and Use of Non-Trial Resolutions of Foreign Bribery Cases”  were released in November 2018.

Thematic scope of the initiative: 

The Initiative sets forward guidelines or common standards for non-trail resolutions of Foreign Bribery Cases. 

The members consisting of academics, lawyers, and companies that come together regularly to develop these guidelines and present them to governments and international organisation such as the OECD for their consideration. 


The first goal is to establish a benchmark of what the legal practices are on a global scale with regard to pre-trial solutions. 

From that, the Network aims to establish common principles for settlements in corruption cases that are applied universally/globally. Through harmonisation, the settlement process will become more transparent and predictable for all parties involved. 

Convenor of meetings: 
Tina Søreide, Peter Solmssen
Geographical scope of the initiative:: 
Date of signature: 
December 2018
Date of review or update: 
December 2018
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Array (HQ) — Global
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