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Designing a High Level Reporting Mechanism for Business - A Guidance Note for Governments

Gemma Aiolfi, Nicola Bonucci
Publication year: 
Basel Institute on Governance, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

This document provides general guidance to governments on how to develop and manage a High Level Reporting Mechanism (HLRM). The HLRM is a tool that can: provide a constructive approach for companies and governments to deal with bribery solicitation; improve the prospects for foreign direct investment; create trust and transparency for business, and; be adapted to different legal or institutional contexts, making it a swift and flexible method to obtain practical results, promoting transparency and integrity. The concept was originally developed by the Basel Institute on Governance, the OECD and Transparency International, together with a group of international companies. The note consolidates knowledge regarding similar mechanisms from various sources, including preliminary lessons drawn from practical experience in establishing two such mechanisms in Colombia and Ukraine.

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